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An advocate towards the authorities

Membership to the Chamber is voluntary unlike what is customary with many Chambers around the world. This puts the Chamber in a unique position, since its operation is only subject to the interests of its members. This is particularly important to the Chamber´s role of being an advocate towards the authorities. Since the Chamber is independent of contribution or other services from the authorities it is in a stronger position to provide them with the necessary supervision and restraint.

The Chamber exerts itself for positive changes in law, regulation and administrative decisions which regard the business community and the whole economy. The Chamber receives from parlimentary committees, for review, all bills that bear upon the interests of the business community. Comments are made in collaboration with members and are prestented to the committees. Through this the Chamber operates as an advocate towards the Parliament. In addition the Chamber regularly appoints representatives of its members to serve on various public committees.

The Chamber handles in some cases communication with the authorities on behalf of its members. The Chamber also provides assistance to members in case of disagreement with the authorities. Members interests are upheld by various means e.g. by letters, articles, arrangement of work-groups and publication of reports.

Companies often struggle with functioning within the extensive regulatory environment. Numerous fields are constricted with unnecessary bureaucracy and inefficient regulation. The Chamber, in its operation, emphasis on improvements in the regulatory environment and provides its members with assistance and support in particular cases.

The Chamber puts considerable emphasis on minimization of state affairs and strives against the expansion of the public sector. The magnitude of the public sector can influence the working environment of companies in competition with public companies or institutions and compromise their chances of conducting business. The Chamber has been a leading force in the debate of private operations and amongst other things pointed out the benefits of enhanced private enterprise in health-, educational- and energy affairs.

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