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Communication and acquisition of information

The internationalization of Icelands business community has lead to a greater need for Iceland as a whole to safeguard its interests towards foreign parties. A robust information stream has become an essential element of the competiveness of Iceland. In many cases it can prove vital to have access to information and data from a reliable and trustworthy third party, like the Chamber, which companies can communicate to their stakeholders. In recent years the Chambers has worked heavily on preparing accessible information and communicating them to foreign parties which are interested in Icelands business and financial environment.

Recent changes have shown moreover the importance of an efficient information stream and the problems which can surfice due to lack of communication. The Chamber has responded to these issues by making and publishing materal of various sorts, which have made it more easier for members to clarify their and the economys situation for their stakeholders. By communicating sound information on matters which are in the spotlight the Chamber has attended to an important factor, namely the credibility of Icelandic companies and the economy as a whole. This material has been produced in close collaboration with members of the Chamber.

In addition, the Chamber frequently issues newsletters in which practical information of various sorts are communicated to members. Amongst other things there are information on the Chambers operations, its publications, on relevant changes in the regulatory environment and on governmental decisions which regard the interests of its members and on matters in the forefront on each time.

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